Tuesday, 2 May 2017

March 2017 harvest summary

March is when the herbs start to grow so mint, ramsons, oregano, lemon balm are now being picked. I estimate how much I might have bought if I were not growing the herbs myself but, of course, some such as ramsons (or wild garlic) are not sold in the shops. Nettles are another "vegetable" that I gather from a corner in our garden but to which I cannot allocate a price. I was luckier with pea shoots as Waitrose sell them, although not in my local branch (http://www.waitrose.com/shop/ProductView-10317--63011-Waitrose+pea+shoots)

Garden harvest total 0.992 kg

Garden harvest shop/market price £5.10

Garden crops

Weight g

Shop price

Brussel sprouts
Swiss chard196£1.47
Cavolo nero 154£1.04
Cabbage/brassica leaves154£0.28
Curly kale (red ursa)114£0.91
Babington's leeks68£0.54
Pea shoots18£0.11
Herbs - estimated £2
Nettles ?!

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