Harvests 2015

Several of my friends thought it would be a could idea to keep a record of what we actually harvest from our gardens and make notes on the quality of the veg. So this page is being used to note down what I collect each day. We are two thirds of the way through the growing season but we have to start somewhere, so here goes with the most recent being added to the top of the list. In any case, the so-called "growing season" never really ends as we have all the lovely winter veg to look forward to.

I have also created a Google docs spreadsheet listing the weights and running totals for the season.

30th December 2015

Swiss chard - 4oz (115g)
Brassica leaves - 2oz (55g)

26th December 2015

Brassica leaves - 3oz (85g)
Cavolo nero - 3oz (85g)

25th December 2015

Parsnips - 1lb 2oz (510g)

21st December 2015

Onions - 5oz (140g)

18th December 2015  

Horseradish - 1lb 2oz (510g) 

12th December 2015

Lettuce leaves - 3oz (85g)

7th December 2015

Cabbage leaves - 9oz (255g)

6th December 2015

Swiss chard - 3.5oz (100g)

29th November 2015

Swiss chard - 4oz  (115g)

28th November 2015

Cabbage leaves - 2oz (55g)
Cavolo nero - 1.5oz (45g)

26th November 2015 

Jerusalem artichokes - 9oz (255g) 
Swiss chard - 5oz (140g)

25th November 2015

Swiss chard - 4oz (115g)
Onion - 6 oz (170g)

14th November 2015

Beetroot - 14 oz (400g)

9th November 2015

Swiss chard - 6oz (170g)
Onions - 5oz (150g)
Runner beans - 2oz (50g)
Baby yellow courgettes - 2oz (50g)

8th November 2015

Swiss chard - 6oz (175g)
Runner beans - 3oz (75g)

2nd November 2015

Acorn squash - 10oz  (275g)

31st October 2015

Onions (1 red, 1 white) - 6 oz (175g)
Swiss chard - 7 oz (190g)
Beans - 3oz (75g)

29th October 2015

Parsnips - 13oz (360g)
Swiss chard - 6oz (160g)

28th October 2015

Onions - 9oz (270g)
Shallots - 6 oz (180g)

26th October 2015

Tomatoes - 1lb 14oz (850g)
Squash - 1lb 10oz (750g)
Beans - 2oz (55g)
Yellow courgettes - 3oz (85g)

21st October 2015 

Tomatoes (green and  ripe) 12oz (340g)

20th October 2015

Beans (green and runner beans)  6 oz (170g)
Swiss chard 8 oz (225g)

16th October 2015

Swiss chard 9 oz (255g)
Tomatoes (green) 6 oz (170g)

10th October 2015

Beans (green and runner) - 5 oz (140g)
Yellow courgettes - 6 oz (170g)
Tomatoes (green/semi ripened) - 12oz (340g)
Swiss chard - 7 oz (200g)

4th October 2015

Tomatoes (mostly green) - 3lb 10z (1650g)
Beetroot (roots, stems and leaves) - 1lb 5oz (600g)
11 apache chilli
1 yellow courgette - 5oz (140g)

3rd October 2015

Green squash with yellow stripes 1lb 2oz (500g)

2nd October 2015

Tomatoes (green & ripe) - 1lb 10oz (750g)
Yellow Courgettes - 9oz (255g)
Swiss chard - 8 oz (225g)
1 thin long hot pepper
4 jalapeno
3 apache chillis
5 hungarian hot wax

30th September 2015 

Onion squash  - 2lb 12oz (1250g)
Harlequin squash - 1lb 10oz (750g)
Tomatoes - 2lb 14oz (1300g)


26th September 2015

Tomatoes - 2lb (910g)
Squash (green skinned pumpkin?) - 3lb 12 oz (1700g)
2 small butternut squash - 1lb 2oz (500g)
10 apache chillis
3 jalapeno peppers
2 hungarian wax peppers

25th September 2015

Tomatoes - 8oz (225g)
Beans - 10oz (285g)
Squash (green skinned pumpkin?) - 3lb 5oz (1500g)

23rd September 2015

Tomatoes - 3lb 5oz (1500g)
Beans - 5 oz (145g)
Green courgette - 5 oz (145g)

20th September 2015

Yellow courgette - 2lb 3oz (992g) More like a marrow. Was hidden under several large leaves so went unnoticed for a long time!
Tomatoes - 2lb 5oz (1050g)
Beans (runner and climbing) - 4 oz (113g)
Swiss chard - 7 oz (200g)

19th September 2015

Tomatoes - 4lb (1.8kg) (lot of it made into chutney)
Runner beans - 8oz (227g)
Squash (Acorn) - 1lb 9oz (700g)
Cucumber - 9oz (270kg) Last of the crop
2 apache chillis

15th September 2015

Tomatoes - 1lb 2 oz (500g)
Yellow courgette - 9oz (249g)
Cucumber - 8 oz (230g)
Runner beans - 5oz (150g)

14th September 2015

Variety of tomatoes still ripening and going strong. Cucumbers nearly finished. Runner beans seem never ending!

Tomatoes - 1lb 3 oz  (540g)
Runner beans - 8 oz (227g)
Cucumber - 2 oz (60g)

7th September 2015

Squash of some sort. Possibly a pumpkin? It weighed in at 5lb 11 oz (approximately 2.6 kilos) and we are still munching our way through it over a week later. The flesh is orange with a slightly nutty, sweet taste and retains its structure when cooked. We have several of these in the garden that emerged from our compost. We don't knowingly buy pumpkins but must have done so from an "assorted" squash box. 

5th September 2015

Six and a half bottles of elderberry syrup made and ready for use. Not a harvest from our garden but collected from nearby trees.Officially it is for dealing with coughs and colds but it is also delicious poured over ice cream or used as a mixer.

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