Monday, 6 January 2020

December 2019 harvest summary

Weight: 2.076kg

Total for main garden crops: £9.62
Herbs: £2

Garden produce price: £11.62

Garden crops

Weight g

Shop price

Brussels sprouts512£1.54
Cavolo nero117£0.90
Cabbage/brassica leaves105£0.12
Sprouting broccoli42£0.42

November 2019 in pictures

It has been a relatively mild autumn so far with only a couple of frosty nights so far, but it was definitely time to pick any chillies still on the plants outside and bring indoors to ripen. And while I was tidying up the strawberry beds I found some beetroot stragglers. They were not massively big but there was enough for a couple of meals and the leaves were a welcome addition to our green veg.

The kales come into their own at this time of year and I'm wondering how long I can keep the larger of the two, shown on the left, going. Both have been in the ground for over a year.

I always have to remember that I have Jerusalem artichokes in a growing sack as the leaves have now died back. There are always some left behind ready to spring into action in the new year.

At the front of the house I decided to see how field beans would fare. I have tried various heat loving plants in this area but very few survive without constant attention and watering. In the summer, the patch is hit by full sun and quickly dries out. The rosemary bush loves it and you can also see some garlic coming up next to it. This was missed when I picked the few bulbs that grew there in the summer. 
In the winter, the sun is low and we usually have enough rain to let the plants look after themselves so I am hoping the beans will do well. The seeds looked to be from two different varieties and they are growing at different rates. Although, usually grown as a green manure they can be eaten and there is an interesting article comparing field beans and broad beans on the Garden Organic website - Growing field beans for human consumption 

Also at the front of the house is the last of the rudbeckia (self-seeded). It is in a sheltered spot against the wall and shielded from the worst of the cold weather by a neighbour's bush and a wheelie bin. I was tempted to cut the flowers and bring them indoors but it such a pleasure to see a splash of colour outside at the this time of the year.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

November 2019 harvest summary

Weight: 3.722kg

Total for main garden crops: £16.16
Chillies: £5
Herbs: £3

Garden produce price: £24.16

Garden crops

Weight g

Shop price

Red Cabbage756£1.32
Jerusalem artichokes377£1.32
Cabbage/brassica leaves252£0.25
Cavolo nero183£1.37
Sprouting broccoli88£0.88
Runner beans 81£0.57
Swiss chard 52£0.40
Raspberries 23£0.35

October 2019 harvest summary

Weight: 16.896kg

Total for main garden crops: £51.59
Chillies: £7.20
Salad leaves: £2.00
Herbs: £3

Garden produce price: £63.79
Foraged: £20.56


Garden crops

Weight g

Shop price

Tomatoes 3642£16.39
Runner beans 585£3.53
Cavolo nero381£2.86
Jerusalem artichokes 65£0.52
Cabbage/brassica leaves54£0.20
Sweet peppers52£0.16


Apples    4632     £10.14
Sweet chestnuts      1042     £10.42

September 2019 in pictures

Another really good month for our home grown fruit and veg. I had to cut back the grape vine and found what seemed like an endless wall of grapes hidden underneath the leaves. There were far too many to eat so we made grape juice and that will probably continue into October.

And it is another successful year for tomatoes; indigo beauty, orange banana, brandywine and red pear are shown below.

The strawberries have finished now and although plentiful are all one early variety. So, we have ordered three mid to late season varieties from Suttons for next year.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

September 2019 harvest summary

Weight: 25.247kg

Total for main garden crops: £97.84
Salad leaves: £2.00
Herbs: £4

Garden produce price: £103.84
Foraged: £22.23


Garden crops

Weight g

Shop price

Fig 1215£9.45
Runner beans1093£7.11
Cucumber 464£1.90
Sweet pepper332£1.00
Cavolo nero220£1.65
Spring onions184£2.30
Green courgette115£0.65
Yellow courgette107£0.60
French beans83£0.50


Apples    1198     £2.69
Blackberries     879     £14.65
Elderberries    427     £4.27
Quince    281     £0.62


August 2019 in pictures

Fruit in abundance this month! Grapes, damson plums and apples.

And plenty of cucumbers and tomatoes