Sunday, 20 September 2015

Harlequin squash

I'm new to this squash growing lark but suspect that I ought to this harlequin squash soonish. It was one of the plants that popped up out of the compost I spread across the garden at the start of the year, I recall buying a squash similar to this from the True Food Co-op in Emmer Green and I would have put the seeds and skin into the compost, so that is where this one has come from.


It's September and clumps of cyclamen are now flowering and adding splashes of gorgeous colour to the shady borders. And the wonderful thing about them is that once they are established they come out year after year, so no work is involved other than thinning them out.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Harvests page

Several of us thought it would be a could idea to keep a record of what we actually harvest from our gardens and make notes on the quality of the veg. So I am keeping a separate record on a Harvests page at We are two thirds of the way through the growing season but we have to start somewhere. The list will be continually updated with the most added to the top.