This blog is intended to be a diary of our gardening year: from ordering the seeds through to harvesting and eating the produce. Our main garden is at the back of a terraced house in Caversham (UK) and we manage to cram in quite a lot. We also use containers of various sorts along the concrete paths and are lucky that we have a south facing kitchen/bathroom extension and garden fence.

We have always been keen on organic gardening but are now trying to adopt permaculture practices. The basic layout of the garden seems now to be set after a couple of false starts with one of the paths between the beds. The big challenge this year is adapting to the changing light and temperatures in the garden now that the large sycamore trees that had been in neighbouring properties have gone.

There is a lot still to do but it does now seem to be taking shape and more perennials and trees are slowly being added.

Last year (2015) I started keeping track of how much we were actually harvesting. There are separate pages for 2015 and 2016 and  a Google Docs spreadsheet summarising the yields.

Main author: Karen Blakeman. See my Google+ profile for more information about me and my "day job"