Saturday, 14 May 2016

Horseradish flowering

I have been growing horseradish for several years but this is the first year I have noticed it flowering. They are not spectacular and do not appear to have any culinary merit. It is said, though, that they may attract insect pollinators so many people recommend that they are left. Others say that they should be cut off to prevent unwanted reseeding but I have also read that they produce little, if any, viable seed.

I am going to take a chance and leave the flowers. The plants are in a large potato bag to try and contain their spread but I have noticed a couple of roots breaking out of the bottom, so flowers and reseeding are the least of my worries. Neverthless, I shall have to keep a watch for both the roots migrating across the garden and potential new plants establishing themselves from seed. I love horseradish but I don't want it taking over the whole garden.

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