Saturday, 12 March 2016

Catch-up March 12th, 2015 I only went in for a bag of flour!

I've just been sorting through some photos from last year and found one batch that I never got around to posting here, although they did go up on Facebook. I was out on my daily walk and happened to be passing the True Food co-op in Emmer Green. I thought I'd just pop in for a bag of rye flour. This is what I ended up with: bag of rye flour (why I went in), romanesco, squash, turnip, chick peas, butter beans, turmeric, Spenwood cheese. I only just managed to avoid buying the various greens and cabbages on offer when I remembered that our garden is overflowing with them. I made the mistake of putting the photo on my Facebook page and a sort of Ready Steady Cook challenge was issued.

This is the first dish I've made using some of the ingredients together with veg from the garden.

Ingredients are the outer leaves of the romanesco, swish chard from the garden, onions, turmeric, chick peas, butter beans and shavings of Spenwood cheese.
My first successful sourdough loaf. Previous efforts had been disasters, probably because I didn't let the starter mature for long enough and it was cold in the kitchen. The starter was from Annie Levy of Kitchen Counter Culture fame ( and I used a mixture of rye and spelt flours to make the dough.

Grilled slices of acorn squash with herbs and garlic; rosti made from grated turnip, shredded stem from the romanesco, and a carrot found lurking in a corner of the garden; steamed romanesco with garlic and shavings of Spenwood cheese; mashed turnip.

Lightly toasted sourdough rye/spelt bread, chickpea and butter bean pate with turmeric and chilli, Spenwood cheese and tomato relish.

Using leftovers from previous meals made from my True Food Co-op shop plus the rest of the squash and romanesco, bubble and squeak, and some veg from the garden.

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