Sunday, 2 January 2011

Welcome to a Caversham Garden

I set up this blog a year ago with the intention of blogging the successes and disasters of growing vegetables in a small back garden in Caversham. My husband and I have been "growing our own" ever since we moved to Caversham in 1982 and many of our friends have encouraged us to share our experiences with others. Well the blog didn't happen in 2010. We are both self employed consultants and are also actively involved with various professional bodies. For my part, I have now stepped down from most of the committees I was on, which means that I have no excuse whatsoever not to get this blog going!

This will be a sort of diary of our gardening year: from ordering the seeds through to harvesting and eating the produce. It will cover disasters as well as successes and l might also include some of my favourite recipes.

Comments and your own experiences will be welcomed.

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