Wednesday, 18 May 2016


I am letting the poppies grow while the veg seedlings catch up in their pots. The poppies look pretty, they cheer me up, the insects like them and they provide ground cover. I think those are enough functions in permaculture terms to justify letting them do their own thing for the time being!

They are in zone 2 in the tiny strip of ground next to the ancient garden shed. We have a grape vine - now in its third year - growing up against the shed and doing very well. The ramsons to the right of the poppies are spreading but have almost finished this year. The "walking" Egyptian onions to the left  - their second year in this location - are contemplating walking, and there are some peas behind the yellow poppies. The pots are hosting a variety of veg seedlings that will be planted out around the garden.

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