Sunday, 6 March 2016

Today's lunch

We still have plenty of greens and onions in the garden but all of our root veg have now been consumed. So yesterday it was off to Reading Farmer's Market and D S Paget for supplies.

This week we bought carrots, celeriac, golden beetroot, parsnips and potatoes.

Today's lunch combined ingredients from our garden and those bought at the Reading Farmer's Market (RFM).

Watercress and cheese burger (Mapleleaf Watercress at RFM)

Bean and vegetable chilli: dried beans and tinned tomatoes from the store cupboard; garlic, onions (garden); carrots, celeriac (D S Paget RFM); Swiss chard (garden)

Mixed veg: potato, celeriac, parsnip, carrot, golden beetroot (D S Paget at RFM); spring onions (garden).

Pea shoots (window sill pots of peas).

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