Monday, 28 April 2014

Sunday lunch from the garden

Yesterday's Sunday lunch - a risotto - was mostly from the garden. Apart form the rice, salt and pepper everything came from overwintered vegetables and new spring growth.

Swiss chard - beginning to bolt but there are still plenty of leaves and stems from last year's sowing

Celeriac - last year's sowing did not get very far and only produced leaves but I left them in over winter and they started to bulb up a couple of months ago. We picked the last one for yesterday's meal and also used some of the leaves for flavouring.

Florence fennel - like the celeriac, this did not produce the harvest we had hoped for but I noticed earlier this year that small fennel bulbs were forming at the nodes on the now prostrate stems of the plants. I cut off a few of these for the risotto.

Spring onions - the autumn sown spring onions survived well in the mild winter and are now reading for picking

Herb fennel - this is growing well again and has a much stronger flavour than the leaves of the Florence Fennel

Lovage - I planted this last summer so this will be its first full year. I picked two small leaves to add flavour to the meal and that was more than enough. A little lovage goes a long, long way!

Ramsons - used the chopped leaves in the risotto and the flowers as an edible garnish

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