Sunday, 4 August 2013

Lunch from the garden

After a soggy start to the gardening year and a few weeks of very hot, dry weather the garden is now flourishing.

Yesterday's lunch was gathered mostly from our garden. Apart from the flour, eggs and cheese the only two vegetables that were not home grown were the red cabbage and the asparagus. (Both were heavily reduced in a local shop and I couldn't resist!).

Yesterday's menu was:
  • flan containing yellow and green courgettes, onions, asparagus, swiss chard, spinach, garlic, cheese, eggs, chives
  • potato and spring onion salad
  • cucumber and herb fennel
  • tomato, onion and basil salad
  • red cabbage and celeriac leaves
  • courgette, feta cheese, rocket, mustard leaves and mint

The potatoes in particular have been fantastic this year. All have been growing or are still growing in containers of one sort or another and taste infinitely better than shop bought ones. We are, though, suffering from a surfeit of courgettes so I shall have to get creative with the recipes this week.  

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